(Nepeta cataria)

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cataire.jpg Hardy perennial of the low altitude waste from 0,50 to 1 m high of which one uses the flowered tops. Also known as catnip its odor attracts them.

Catmint is prescribed in case of affections of the uterus also for persistent hiccup, whooping-cough, cough, nervosism, facilitates the menstruations and childbirth.
In external use : Wounds.

Infusion : Two spoonsfuls for 1 cup of boiling water, let infuse during 10 minutes ; 4 cups a day.

Syrup, 25 grams of flowered tops for 0.25 liters of boiling water, let infuse for 15 minutes, filter, sweeten to thicken strongly, administered hour by hour; 1 teaspoon.

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Nepeta cataria, catnip, catswort, catmint