(Allium sativum)

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Plant cultivated of which one uses the bulb.

Disinfectant, garlic is excellent for bronchial infection, cold, influenza or otitis. It cures the digestive system , removes its parasites. It supports blood circulation and lowers cholesterol level.
Also : Poor appetite, hypertension, lithiasis, ulcer.

Tincture : Take a fresh garlic head, peel it and cut the pods in 2 pieces, put it in 1 liter of acohol 40%. Let macerate 15 days in a sunny place. Filter and preserve in a tinted bottle. For internal use 3 times a day 25 drops in a little glass of water or milk: anti-flu, intestinal disinfectant, hypotensor, vermifuge.

Syrup : 20 g of garlic with 40 g of water, boil 30 mn, filter, add the same weight of sugar ; 3 soup spoons a day.

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Allium sativum, garlic,