(Senecio vulgaris)

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groundsel.jpg Toxic in case of overdose
Common annual plant of the wet grounds and edge of the rivers growing to 1 m of which one uses whole.

Grounsel has a long history of herbal use to relieve menstruation pains or help to cause menstruation, also bronchitis, coughs, intestinal pains , angina sore-throats. It is nowadays prescribed in external use in the form of vaginal shower to treat vaginal discharge.

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Senecio vulgaris, Common groundsel, Old-man-in-the-Spring, Common Groundsel, Groundsel, Ragwort, Grimsel, Grinsel, Grundsel, Simson, Birdseed, Chickenweed, Old-man-of-the-spring, Squaw Weed, Grundy Swallow, Ground Glutton, Common Butterweed