(Equisetum arvense)

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Common hardy perennial growing from 0,20 to 0,50 m of which one uses whole.

Horsetail is a natural mineralizing, it contains easily assimilable silica. It helps to regenerate conjunctive tissues by improving their resistance and their elasticity, it stops nosebleed and is effective in case of cystitis.
Also : Gout, lithiasis, metroragia, haemorrhage.
In external use : Wounds, mouth ulcers, psoriasis, stretch marks, varixes ulcers, eczema, pruritus, care of the hair.

One can eat young growths in salads.

Decoction : One handful for one liter of water, boil during 2 minutes then let infuse for 10 minutes, drink at will.

1g of dried powder in some honey; twice a day, 10 days a month, during 3 months for breakable nails.

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Equisetum arvense, Field Horsetail, Oblivion Horsetail, Common Horsetail