(Verbascum thapsus)

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Bi-annual plant of the uncultivated places from 0,80 to 2 m of which one uses flowers and leaves.

Mullein is calming, perfect against bronchitides, colds, asthma, cough, it facilitates expectoration and transpiration, has an action on internal inflammations.
Also : Asthma, tracheitis, cough, cystitis, colic, diarrhoeas, heumorroids.

infusion : One handful for one boiling cup of water, let infuse 10 minutes, filter through a cotton to retain the hairs covering the petals ; 4 cups a day.

Cataplasm of fresh leaves boiled during 5 minutes in some mlik; on whitlow, anthrax, ulcers, hemorrhoids, frostbite.

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Verbascum thapsus, Great or Common Mullein, Hig candlewick , Bullicks lungwort , Adams-rod , Hare's-beard and Ice-leaf, Woolly , Velvet or Blanket Mullein , Beggar's , Moses' , Poor Man's , Our Lady's or Old Man's Blanket , Feltwort