(Urtica dioica)

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Common plant of the uncultivated places of which one uses leaves and roots.

Nettle is an excellent depurative, recommended in case rheumatisms, also stops nosebleed or wounds bleedings, fights asthma, hay cold and allergies. Young growths can be eaten in spring like a vegetable.
Also : Gastric ulcer, hepatic insufficiency, haemorrhage, metrorrhagia, enuresis, sexual stimulant.
In external use : Alopecia, punctures, psoriasis, urticaria.

Infusion : 250 g of fresh leaves for 1/2 liter of boiling water, let macerate 12 hours then drink cold.

Decoction : One handful of roots for one liter water, boil 10 minutes, to drink in two days.

One spoonful of leaves in a cup of cold water, boil then to infuse 10 minutes, one cup before each meal.

The juice obtained by crushing the plant is a remedy against internal bleedings, drink 50 gr. to 100 gr. a day.

Revitalizer : Mix some young chopped leaves with salads.

Roll the young leaves in order to imprison the higher part of the limb, crush it with your fingers; you can then eat them without any risk. 10 leaves give more tonicity than a cereals bar ...

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Stinging nettle, common nettle, Urtica dioica