(Chamaemelum nobile)

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Hardy perennial from 0,10 to 0,30 m of which one uses the flowers.

Roman camomile is digestive, antispasmodic, antalgic, intestinal disinfectant. One advises it for difficult digestion, painful menstruations, colitis, migraine, nervousness, insomnia, fever, curvatures. It is also indicated for colics and all form of intestinal irritations.
In external use (cream or compress) it is effective in case of conjunctivitis, skin disease, scabs, eczema, eyelid inflammation.

In Infusion : Two spoonful for 1/4 of liter of boiling water to let infuse 10 minutes ; 2 to 3 cups a day to improve digestion or calm painful menstruations.

Medicinal oil : 50 g of dried flowers for 1/2 liter of olive oil, leave 10 days in a sunny place before filtering. In massage on rheumatism pains.

Digestive wine : 50 g of dried flowers in one liter of wine, let macerate several days, filter.

In one liter of red wine, let macerate during 10 days, 50 g of flowers and 20 g of orange peel, add 50 g of brown sugar and filter.

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Chamaemelum nobile, Anthemis nobilis, Roman camomile, chamomile, garden camomile, ground apple, low chamomile, English chamomile, whig plant