(Hypericum perforatum)

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Herbaceous plant of the clearings and uncultivated places of 0,30 m to 0,70 m of which one uses the areal parts and the flowers.

St. john's wort is used for bronchi congestion. It is also effective in case of nervous tiredness.
Paracelse already recommended this plant to cure melancholy !

Infusion : 20 g for one liter of water ; 3 cups a day.

Let macerate during 20 days in a sunny place, 25 g of flowers in 1/2 liter of brandy, filter, add 60 g of sugar, drink a small glass from time to time.

One handful for one liter of olive oil in one bowl. Put 2 hours in the bain-marie, then let macerate 3 days at ambiant temperature, to be used in oiling on burns, wounds, ulcers, sunstrokes.

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St John's wort, Hypericum perforatum, Tipton's weed, chase-devil, Klamath weed, common St John's wort