(Rosa canina)

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Common shrub of the footpaths sides from 1 to 4 m of which one uses leaves fruits and floral buttons.

Wild rose fruit is a concentrate of vitamins, slightly diuretic. Fresh fruit give the organism an important nutritive contribution in a quickly assimilable form. Thus the dog rose syrup is advised for children, prescribed as a general tonic and against intestinal parasitoses.
Also : Renal lithiasis, oedemas, haemorrhages.
In external use : Wounds burns.

Infusion : Leaves and flowers, one spoonful for one cup, let infuse 10 minutes ; several cups a day.

Decoction : 5 to 10 berries for one cup of water, boil during 2 minutes ; 4 cups a day.

Syrup; split the fruit in half to remove seeds with a knife, wash. With 500 g of pulp for a liter of water, boil during 5 minutes, filter carefuly through muslin to remove itchy seeds, add 300 g of sugar and boil 5 minutes until syrupy. One can also make jams.

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