(Viburnum opulus)

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Fresh berries are nauseous.
Commun shrub of the wood and hedges growing to 5 m of which one uses the bark of the branches.

Cramp bark is a powerful antispasmodic muscular relaxing used in the treatment of asthma, of muscular cramps, menstrual cramps, pains.
Also : Constipation, irritation of the colon, nervous complaints, arthritis.

Out of decoction ; 1/2 cup every 3 hours.

Out of tincture ; 1 coffeespoon twice a day, or rub on contracted muscles.

Out of lotion : rub the painful back.

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Viburnum opulus, Guelder Rose, Water Elder, European Cranberrybush, Cramp Bark, Snowball Tree