(Vitis vinifera)

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vigne.jpg Wild vine is a plant with crawling stems, common in all the south of Europe of which one uses the leaves.

Wild vine is a venous tonic, astringent useful in case of circulatory problems, cellulitis.
Also : Lithiasis, metroragia, asthenia, weakness, cholesterol, hemorroids, constipation, circulatory trouble, haemorrhages, varixes, phlebites.
In external use : Acne, conjunctivitis, blotches, cellulitis.

Infusion : One spoonful for one cup of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes ; 4 cups a day.

Decoction : Two handfuls for one liter of water, boil 15 minutes, to be added to the water of a feet bath.

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