(Betula alba)

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Tree from 20 to 30 m growing in Europe on siliceous grounds up to 2000 m of which one uses the leaves, buds, bark and sap.

Birch has many virtues, mainly used to clean the organism.
Also : Oliguria, oedemas, renal colics, arterial hypertension, obesity, gout, rheumatisms, hypercholesterolemy, intoxication.
In external use : Wounds, dermatosis, scabs, care of the hair.

Decoction : One spoonful of bark for one cup of water, to boil 5 minutes ; 3 cups a day before meals.

Infusion : One dessert spoon of leaves for one cup, boil then let infuse 10 minutes ; 3 cups a day between meals.

Decoction : One spoonful of buds for one cup of water, boil 10 minutes ; one cup before meals.

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Betula pubescens, Betula alba; downy birch; white birch, European white birch, hairy birch