(Polygonum bistorta)

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Hardy perennial found on the wet grounds, from 0,30 to 1 m of which one uses the rhizome.

Bistort is astringent febrifuge and tonic, used in the treatment of internal and external bleeding, wounds, stomatitis, pharyngitis.
Also : Diarrhoea, hemorroids, tuberculosis.

Infusion : 20 g for one liter of water ; 3 cup a day after meals.

Maceration : 60 g for one litre of water during 6 hours, in external use for vaginal injection, gargarism.

Wine; let macerate 125g of roots in 250g of alcohol45% during 24 hours, add 1 liter of red wine, let macerate again during 4 days, stir it from time to time, filter; 1 glass before each meal.
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Persicaria bistorta, Bistort,Common Bistort, Adderwort, Dragonwort, Easter giant, Easter ledger, Easter ledges, Easter magiant, Easter man-giant, Gentle dock, Great bistort, Osterick, Oysterloit, Passion dock, Patient dock, Pink pokers, Pudding grass, Pudding dock, Red legs, Snakeweed, Twice-writhen, Water ledges.