(Tussilago farfara)

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Herbaceous plant of the wet grounds from 0,10 to 0,25 m of which one uses the leaves and flowers.

Colt's-foot eases expectoration (bronchitis) and relieves cough (tracheitis)
Also : Asthenia, convalescence.
In external use : Wounds, distorsions, skin, burns.

Infusion : One teaspoon for one cup of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes ; 4 cups a day.

Syrup; Let macerate during 1 night, 250g of plant in 1 liter of water, add 1Kg of sugar, cook until syrupy consistency; 3 tablespoon per day.

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Tussilago farfara,Coltsfoot, Tash Plant, Ass's foot, Bull's foot, Coughwort, Farfara, Foal's foot, Foalswort, Horse Foot and Winter heliotrope.