(Inula helenium)

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More generaly cultivated, hardy perennial of the wet grounds growing to 1,50 m of which one uses the root.

Elecampane root is tonic and expectorant, well known to invigorate the respiratory tract, to look after affections of the bronchi of which it drains the mucous membranes, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma. Thanks to its bitter properties it also stimulates the stomach.
Also : Weaken, tiredness, vermifuge, digestion, appetite, cough, disinfectant.

Out of decoction : 1 coffee spoonful of crushed root for 1 cup, boil 10 minutes, to swallow by small mouthfuls ; 3 cups a day.

Out of tincture against bronchitis : Mix 50 ml of of elecampane tincture and 50 ml of thyme tincture ; 1 coffee spoonful, 3 times a day.

Out of syrup to calm cough : Prepare an infusion, make reduce to the half on soft fire, then add sugar or honey ; take 1 or 2 coffee spoonfuls of this syrup every 2 hours.

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Elecampane (Inula helenium), Horse-heal, Marchalan