(Linum angustifolium)

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Forbiden in case of thyroid problem.
Cultivated plant from 0,30 to 0,50 m of which one uses the seeds.

Flax is prescribed for chronic constipations and as lenitive. Out of cataplasm (crushed seeds or flour) for furoncles, abscesses, skin troubles, scabs, eczema.
Also : Gastritis, constipation, cystitis, urinary inflammation.
In external use : Well-known base for cataplasms poultice ...

Decoction : 50 g of seeds for one liter of boiling water in compress or lotion.

3 tablespoons for one liter of hot water, let macerate all night ; 4 cups a day.

Cataplasm; Pour some boiling water over the flour while stirring until getting a paste which is spread over a mouseline, apply warm over the painful area.

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Linum bienne, Pale Flax, Flax, Linum angustifolium, Common Flax