(Foeniculum officinale)

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Hardy perennial of the southernmost areas from 1 to 2 m of which one uses the leaves roots and fruits.

Fennel is effective against gout, renal calculi, supports menstruations.
Also : Anorexia, aerophagia, nauseas, dyspepsia, breast feeding, obesity, cough, influenza, impotence, frigidity.
In external use : Migraine, affections of the eyes.

Decoction : 30 g for one liter of water.

Infusion : 20 g for one liter of water ; 3 cups a day.

In one liter of red or white wine let macerate 60 g of seed during 15 days, shake form time to time, add 50 g of sugar and filter.

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Foeniculum vulgare, syn. Foeniculum officinale, Fennel