(Quercus robur)

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Tree from 35 to 45 m of which one uses bark, leaves and acorns.

Oak is very astringent, mainly used in decoction against the diarrhoeas.
Also : Stomach ache, hemorrhoids, haemorrhage, sudation.
In external use : Leucorrhea, burns, chilblain, impetigo, chapped skin.

In external use, 2 handfuls of crushed bark boiled during 15 minutes in compress or wash for hemorrhoids, wounds.

Against diarrhea, washing with a decoction of 80 g of dried bark in a liter of cold water, boil for 45 minutes, filter.

On frostbite, 50 g of powdered dried bark in a liter of water, boil during 10 minutes, let stand for 30 minutes, immerse the wounded part in the hot decoction for 30 minutes once a day.

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Quercus robur, English oak, pedunculate oak, French oak