(Citrus vulgaris)

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Small tree of the souther areas of 4 to 5 meters of which one uses leaves and bark.

Orange tree bark is tonic digestive, increases appetite and at the same time sedative for the nervous system. Flowers and leaves are antispasmodic, out of infusion against insomnia and to facilitate digestion.
Also : Asthma, nausea, gastritis, anorexia.

Infusion : 3 to 4 leaves for one boiling cup of water, let infuse 15 minutes ; 3 cups a day.

Decoction : One spoonful of bark for one cup of cold water, boil then infuse 20 minutes ; one cup before each meal.

Orange wine: Macerate zests of 6 oranges in a half liter of spirits for 15 days, add 2 liters of wine, 500 g sugar; filter.

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